Frank Hoeve & Katja Draaijer
Oudezijds Achterburgwal 77 | 1012 DC Amsterdam
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BALDR Film is the Amsterdam-based production company of Frank Hoeve and Katja Draaijer. They focus on developing and (co-)producing challenging features and documentaries of a select number of filmmakers with a distinctive personal signature for an international audience. In this, they offer a lot of support in matters of content, whereby the form and originality of the production comes first.


Director: Rogier Hesp. Screenwriter: Anne Hofhuis. Cast: David Wristers, Marcel Hensema, Loes Haverkort. Country: NL. Co-producer: /. Status: In production. Sort: Feature. Duration: 90 min. Genre: Drama. Distribution: September Film Distribution.

Promising young gymnast Timo and his father Ward share one big dream: to win gold at the Olympic Games. But when Timo meets physiotherapist Irene, he gets torn between his new desires and the strong commitment to his handicapped father. With the final at hand, the pressure on Timo builds. Will Timo be strong enough to meet the final challenge?

Director: Kaweh Modiri. Screenwriter: Kaweh Modiri. Cast: Tbd. Country: The Netherlands. Co-producer: Tbd. Status: Financing. Sort: Feature. Duration: 100 min. Genre: Drama/Thriller. Distribution/Sales: Tbd. Selected for Torino ScriptLab 2017 and Cinemart 2018.

35 years after her daughter is executed in Iran, Haleh finds the woman who betrayed her. The traitor, now herself a loving mother and newly arrived citizen of the Netherlands, does not recognize the mother, and confides in her older and wiser countryman. While Haleh is plotting her revenge, she gets to know the perpetrator better than she would like to.