Frank Hoeve, Katja Draaijer
Oudezijds Achterburgwal 77 | 1012 DC Amsterdam
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BALDR Film (2012) is the Amsterdambased production company of producers Frank Hoeve and Katja Draaijer. They focus on developing and producing high-quality features and documentaries of a select number of filmmakers with a distinctive personal signature for an international market. Their latest credit is the IDFA nominated and Dutch Academy Award winner Those Who Feel the Fire Burning by Morgan Knibbe (IDFA, True/False, Hot Docs, Sarajevo Film Festival, CPH:Dox). BALDR is a member of the ACE- and EAVE-netwerk. Aim at market: distribution, sales.



Release: summer 2017. Status: finished. Sort: feature-length film, 105 min. Genre: drama. Director: Bram Schouw. Screenwriter: Marcel Roijaards. Cast: Jonas Smulder, Niels Gomperts, Christa Théret and Rufus. Financers: Netherlands Film Fund, Dutch Cultural Media Fund, CoBO, Netherlands Film Production Incentive, NTR.

When Alexander suddenly leaves on a road trip to France, Lukas decides to join him as he’s been trailing his charismatic brother for his entire life. But during this journey he discovers that he finally has to go his own way, not knowing this decision would be so all-encompassing.

Etgar Keret: Based on a True Story

Release: June 2017. Status: finished. Sort: feature documentary, 54/67 min. Director: Stephane Kaas. Co-producer: 2-Team Productions (Israel). Financers: Dutch Cultura Media Fund, CoBO, NTR.

In his extremely short stories, the Israeli writer Etgar Keret plays an impressive game with fantasy and reality. The story of his life, too, sounds like a modern fairy tale. In this hybrid documentary, the filmmakers investigate why telling lies is essential to Keret’s survival.