Cool Beans

Richard Claus
Asterweg 19-D3 | 1031 HL Amsterdam

Richard Claus & Co / Cool Beans is a Dutch based production company. In addition to making films in the Netherlands, he has been producing in Germany, the United States and more recently South Africa. His productions include the international co-productions Mute Witness, An American Werewolf in Paris, The Little Vampire, The Thief Lord and The Price of Sugar. His most recent productions are the multiple award winning drama An Act of Defiance and the international co-production The Little Vampire 3D, an animated movie with worldwide theatrical release.


AINBO – Spirit of the Amazon
Directors: José Zelada, Richard Claus. Screenwriters: Brian Cleveland, Jason Cleveland, Richard Claus, Larry Wilson. Co-producers: Tunche Films and Epic (PE). Production period: 2018-2020. Sort: 3D animated feature-length film. Duration: 87 min. Genre: family entertainment, adventure. Financers: CMG Cinema Management Group, The Netherlands Film Fund. Sales: CMG Cinema Management Group.

Ainbo, a girl from the deepest jungle of the Amazon, discovers that the nature of her rainforest homeland is being threatened by ruthless gold mining. Guided by the jungle spirits Dillo and Vaca she fights to save her Paradise.