Cool Beans

Richard Claus
Utrechtsestraat 69-1hg | 1017 VG Amsterdam

Richard Claus & Co / Cool Beans is a Dutch based production company. In addition to making films in the Netherlands, he has been producing in Germany, the United States and more recently South Africa. His productions include the international co-productions Mute Witness, An American Werewolf in Paris, The Little Vampire, The Thief Lord and The Price of Sugar. In the last five years, Claus has produced four Dutch international coproductions, all of which were shot at least in part in South Africa.


An Act of Defiance
Director: Jean van de Velde. Screenwriter: Jean van de Velde & Dominic Morgan & Matt Cameron Harvey. Cast: Peter Paul Muller, Antoinette Louw, José Domingos, Conrad Kemp, Sello Motloung, Daniel Janks, Morné Visser, Fezile Mpela, Willie Esterhuizen, Izel Bezuidenhout.
Co-producers: Spier Films (South Africa), On Stilts (UK), BNN-VARA. Sort: feature-length film. Duration: 124 min. Genre: political drama. Release: 2017.
Financers: The Netherlands Film Fund, Cobo Fund, Abraham Tuschinski Fund, The Department Of Trade And Industry South Africa.
Sales: Cinema Management Group.

Aim at market: Sales

South Africa, 1963: Mandela is prepared to give his life for the freedom of his people. Another man sacrifices his life for the freedom of Mandela: Bram Fischer. In an era when people die while making selfies, it is important to tell stories about people in other eras: when men and women were prepared to die for the benefit of others; for the benefit of a better future; for equal rights for black and white. Nelson Mandela was such a man, fighting for his own people against the white establishment of South Africa. An Act Of Defiance is about the man behind Nelson Mandela, his lawyer and highly esteemed member of the white establishment Bram Fischer, giving his life while fighting against his own people for the better of all people.

Best Actor - Dutch Film Awards (Peter Paul Muller as Bram Fischer)
Best Screenplay – Dutch Film Awards (Jean Van De Velde – Writer/Director)

Best Actress - Cape Town Film Festival (Antoinette Louw as Molly Fischer)
Best Screenplay - Cape Town Film Festival (Jean Van De Velde – Writer/Director)

Golden Audience Award - Mill Valley Film Festival
Audience Award - Movies that Matter Film Festival
Best Film – UK Jewish Film Festival