Family Affair Films

Floor Onrust,
Noortje Wilschut, Delegate Producer,
Entrepodok 77 A | 1018 AD Amsterdam
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Family Affair Films is an Amsterdam-based production company founded by Floor Onrust. We produce urgent and contemporary television drama, short and feature films of high artistic quality with a strong authordriven vision. We develop projects with new talent and video artists, and we continue our relationships with established filmmakers.


Bloody Marie

Release: September 2018. Status: financing. Sort: feature-length film, 100 min. Genre: action, thriller. Director: Guido van Driel. Screenwriter: Guido van Driel. Cast: tbd. Co-producers: Bulletproof Cupid (Belgium), Schiwago Film (Germany), VPRO. Financers: Netherlands Film Fund, Netherlands Producion Incentive, Creative Europe, CoBO Fund. Sales: Global Screen. Target audience: Primair: men, age 20-50. Secundair: women, age 20-50.

Cartoonist Marie Wankelmut barely stands her ground after the success of her erotic cartoon. She drifts from her home on the Red Light District to the liquor store or pub with her dog Polly on her side. Horrific events on the other side of the wall in her house, force Marie to take action.

Light as Feathers

Release: Februari 2018. Status: post-production. Sort: feature-length film, 90 min. Genre: drama. Director: Rosanne Pel. Screenwriter:Rosanne Pel. Cast: local non actors. Financers:Netherlands Film Fund. Amsterdam Fund for the Arts. Target audience: Primair: men and women 35-49, arthouse, educated, cultural interested. Secundair: men and women 25-34, cultural interested, young professionals.

Aim at market: sales agent, distributor.

15 year old Eryk lives with his mother, grandmother and great-grandmother in a small village in Poland. Eryk is in love with his 13 year old neighbor Claudia, but he does not know the difference between love and abuse.