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Johan Nijenhuis, Ingmar Menning
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Johan Nijenhuis & Co and JOCO Media are film and television production companies, specialized in (romantic) comedies and family content. We focus on subjects that a wide audience can identify with, and subjects which have a high entertainment value. We produce mainstream box-office hits such as Loving Ibiza and Tuscan Wedding. We are always developing new screenplays and offer continuity to our filmmakers. Other projects include the feature films Body Language and Bennie Brat and the TV series Trollie and The Lion’s Den.


Boys will be boys

Released: December 2016. Status: finished. Sort: feature-length film, 111 min. Genre: comedy. Director: Johan Nijenhuis. Screenwriter: Annelouise Verboon. Cast: Jim Bakkum, Martijn Fischer, Barbara Sloesen, Sanne Vogel, Matheu Hinzen. Financers: Netherlands Film Fund, CoBO, AVROTROS, Entertainment One Benelux. Target audience: Women 19-45.

When Jorrit returns from several years abroad, he isn’t warmly welcomed by his ex-wife or 8-year-old son. At the construction company of his friend, business is going downhill as well. When the men discover that their muscled bodies impress the female customers, they turn the company into a male strippers’ troupe. But how will their families respond to this extraordinary career change?

The Swell

Released: November 2016. Sort: TV miniseries, 6x45’ min. Genre: event drama. Director: Hans Herbots. Screenwriter: Karin van der Meer, Maarten Lebens, Wout Thielemans. Cast: Gijs Scholten van Aschat, Susan Visser, Thomas Rijckewaert, Daisy Van Praet. Co-producer: Menuet Bvba (Belgium). Financers: EO, VRT, CoBO, Screen Flanders, Casa Kafka Pictures and the Tax Shelter measure of the Belgian Federal Government. Sales: Dutch Features.

The Swell explores what happens when the national flood defenses of The Netherlands and Belgium start to collapse. Five million people live on land below sea level. How will major cities and rural areas survive the disastrous consequences of flooding? Can people cope with rebuilding not just their individual lives, but their entire countries too?