Lemming Film

Leontine Petit, Fleur Winters, Erik Glijnis
Valschermkade 36 F | 1059 CD Amsterdam
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Established in 1995, Lemming Film is one of the leading film and television production companies in the Netherlands. It has a proven track record in delivering quality film and television productions and is specialized in fiction for children, families and teens as well as international arthouse productions.

Titles (co)produced include: Zama (Lucrecia Martel), The Lobster (Yorgos Lanthimos), Full Contact (David Verbeek), Heli (Amat Escalante), Fenix (Shariff Korver), My Giraffe (Barbara Bredero) & Blood, Sweat and Tears (Diederick Koopal).


The Photo Camera
Director: Viktor van der Valk. Screenwriter: Jeroen Scholten van Aschat, Viktor van der Valk. Cast: tbd.
Release: 2018. Status: in development. Sort: feature-length film. Duration: 90 min. Genre: psychological drama. Co-producers: tbd.
Sales: tbd.

When a successful TV personality is robbed of her new photo camera, she exaggerates the story to get the most out of her insurance. However, when the young suspect unexpectedly gets arrested, this trivial lie ignites a chain reaction of unforeseen consequences that will know only losers in the end.

Heirs of the Night
Director: Tba. Writer: Maria von Heland. Cast: Tbd. Co-producer: Hamster Film (DE), Maze Pictures (DE), Maipo Film (NO). Release: 2019. Status: in pre-production. Sort: drama series. Duration: 26 x 25 min. Genre: family. Broadcasters: NDR, NRK, NPO. Sales: ZDF.E.

Aim at market: financing.

Heirs of the Night is set in 1892 and evolves around the last remaining vampire clans in Europe. After centuries of hunting and being hunted they are on the verge of extiction and decide to unite in order to survive. For the first time, the clan heads decide to bring all the vampire children together on a ship where they create a school. One of them, 14 year old Alisa, carries a special spark inside her that will give her the ability to decide between eternal life or becoming human.