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PVPictures is a successful production company existing in its present form since 1986. Since than, we have produced more than 20 feature films and hundreds of hours of TV drama. PVPictures is specialised in entertainment (films, series and gameshows) for children and historical drama. Our ‘trademarks’ Mr. Twister, Dummy the Mummy, Master Spy and Miss Super have been awarded on many international filmfestivals and are sold worldwide.


Miss Super
Director: Martijn Smits. Screenwriter: Tijs van Marle. Cast: Diewertje Dir, Harry Piekema, Carly Wijs, Hassan Salah Slaby, Maarten Wansink. Country: NL. Status: production. Release: October 2018. Sort: feature-length film. Duration: 80 min. Genre: children. Distribution/Sales: Entertainment One Benelux/Incredible Films.

Miss Josje seems an ordinary teacher but if an animal in distress calls for help, she takes a bite of chalk and turns into Miss Super. She shoots through the air like a green tornado saving animals and even talking with them. She’s got her powers because of a mysterious statue she found in a secret place in her new home. And she can’t get rid of it! The urge to save animals is sometimes inconvenient. Especially if you’re only 20, insecure and just started a new job as teacher of the sixth grade.