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PVPictures is a well-established production company that has produced over 20 feature films and hundreds of hours of TV drama and comedy. We have had great success not just domestically, but internationally as well, with our films being sold the world over, winning awards at many renowned festivals, including Berlin, Toronto, Giffoni and Chicago. Our company philosophy is a positive view of the world, which translates into a positive approach in the stories we tell.


Director: Barbara Bredero. Screenwriter: Tijs van Marle. Cast: Fockeline Ouwerkerk (Home Is Where The Heart Is, Accused), Egbert-Jan Weber (Bella Donna's, Storm: Letters Of Fire), Tarikh Janssen (Boys, Brasserie Valentijn), Peter Faber (Renesse, Chez Nous). Country: NL. Status: Completed, released. Sort: feature. Duration 80 min. Genre: Romcom.

Anne needs to change something in her life!

Just when Anne is about to hand in her notice, she is offered the opportunity to conduct an amazing series of interviews for a prestigious magazine. This might just be the perfect chance to further her career, and working with the handsome, rough, intriguing and unattainable photographer Rick sure is a bonus...

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Wild Heart of Holland
Director: Luc Enting. Screenwriter: Paul King. Country: NL. Status: Completed, released. Sort: documentary. Duration: 80 min. Genre: Nature.

From the imposing mating call of the red deer and the flight of the buzzard to the hunt of the fox and the micro-ecosystem on a massive oak: nature documentarist Luc Enting recorded it all for his stunning feature film Wild Heart of Holland.

The result of his efforts is an exciting, moving and often humorous film, revealing the beauty and diversity of this wild park in every season. We also watch the main characters grow up to adulthood, a path inevitably dogged with challenges. Enting: “To me, this park, in any season, has an almost un-Dutch beauty. It is the largest continuous nature reserve in northwest Europe with an incredible variety of landscapes and life. It has forests, heath, sand drifts, brooks and pushed moraines. With my film, I would like to give a new insight into its incredibly diverse nature.”