Paul Voorthuysen
Joop van den Endeplein 1 | 1217 WJ Hilversum
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PVPictures is a well-established production company existing in its present form since 1986. Since then, we have produced several feature films and hundreds of hours of TV drama. PVPictures is a small company at its core, consisting of producer Paul Voorthuysen, Chris Derks, Katja Scheffer, Guido Lippe, Kiki The, Hans de Bruin, Dag Neijzen en Joep Zwaan.



Release: October 2017. Status: postproduction. Sort: feature-length film, 80 min. Genre: romcom. Director: Danny Stolker. Screenwriter: Liesbeth Strik. Cast: Sarah Chronis, Esmee van Kampen, Yootha Wong-Loi-Sing, Maryam Hassouni. Financers: Netherlands Film Production Incentive, RTL Nederland, Entertainment One Benelux Sales: Incredible Film. Target audience: 25-34 women.

Aim at market: sales.

When four best friends realize they are not even close to their teenage goals at 29 they decide to help each other to reach these dreams at 30. Too late they see this makes them cross lines in their relationships and careers. This is when they find out that friendship is the one thing you can count on.

Dummie the Mummy and the Tomb of Achnetoet

Release: October 2017. Status: post-production. Sort: feature-length film, 80 min. Genre: family, comedy, adventure. Director: Pim van Hoeve. Screenwriter: Tijs van Marle. Cast: Julian Ras, Yahya Gaier, Roeland Fernhout, Jennifer Hoffman. Financers: Netherlands Film Production Incentive, Nickelodeon, Dutch Filmworks, Eurogroei. Sales: Incredible Film. Target audience: 6-12.

Aim at market: Sales.

When arriving in Egypt to look for his fathers tomb Dummie realises everything has changed in his home country. This makes his quest through the desert by the pyramids very complicated. Dummie almost gives up but with the help of Gus and Klaas he succeeds in finding his parents tomb and is able to say farewell.