Revolver Amsterdam

Raymond van der Kaaij, Kirsi Saivosalmi & Germen Boelens
Lijnbaansgracht 316 | 1017 WZ Amsterdam
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Revolver Amsterdam produces feature films, documentaries and hybrid media projects for an international audience. Our focus is strongly on bold stories with both upcoming and established directing talent. We work between Europe, US and Latin America as well as on international co-productions, and we are part of EAVE and Inside Pictures network.

Recent titles include I dream in another language by Ernesto Contreras (Sundance Audience Award 2017, six Mexican Academy Awards 2018), Don’t swallow my heart, alligator girl by Felipe Braganca (Sundance, Berlinale 2017), Love & Friendship (Sundance 2016, feat. Kate Beckinsale). In 2017 we also released two documentaries: Bruce Lee & The Outlaw by Joost Vandebrug (Sheffield DocFest 2018) and Too Beautiful our right to fight by Maceo Frost (Sheffield DocFest 2018).

Film executive Germen Boelens joined Revolver Amsterdam in 2018. Boelens is the producer of, among others, Brothers and Fortune Seekers by Golden Bear winner Hanro Smitsman, Emmy nominated Dede: Mehmet with the yellow boots by Tamara Miranda and Free as a Bird by Joyce van Diepen (Emmy entry 2018).

Director & Screenwriter: Ayse Altinok. Cast: tba. Country: NL. Co-producer: tba. Status: financing. Sort: feature-length film. Duration: 90 min. Genre: contemporary drama.

After a troubling incident, a rebellious, racist teenager from the streets of Rotterdam is sent to lie low with his distant relatives in a small village in Turkey. Once there, his boredom and isolation leads him into an unlikely friendship with an Oil wrestler, farmer that challenges his worldview.

Kris, a suburb kid with a Turkish mother and Dutch father, is seeking acceptance from his misfit group of friends. After a criminal act, Kris’ mother feels her best option is to send him to a small town in Turkey to stay with his grandparents. There Kris meets Bora, a young Turkish oil wrestler. Despite their differences, the two boys become friends. When Kris discovers that Bora is gay his discriminative behavior resurfaces. One night Bora ends up in a wrong place at wrong time, now Kris has the chance to change for the better.

Director: Tamara Miranda. Screenwriter: Tamara Miranda, Celine Linssen. Country: NL/ES. Status: Financing. Sort: feature-length film. Duration: 90 min. Genre: Drama. Development support from Netherlands Film Fund.

When finding herself pregnant, Natalia needs to reconcile with her families and mothers past and travel back to Spain, to rediscover where she once belonged.

Thirty-year-old Natalia finds out, to her horror, she is pregnant. Images and memories – ones she hid anxiously – come flooding back from her past, with increasing regularity and intensity. In her attempt to allay her fears, she relapses into the extremely destructive behavior of when she was an adolescent, and that could be fatal to her and the baby. Eventually, she acknowledges she can no longer run away from it. She returns to her grandmother’s home in the mountains of Spain, where she hasn’t been for fifteen years. She knows she must face the ghosts of her past and needs to come to terms with her mother’s suicide. Her childhood, her entire Spanish origin – she locked it all away behind thick doors. On the way to her Spanish grandmother’s home, Natalia comes face to face with people, events and landscapes from her past that all bring her one step closer to what she is in fact looking for: her undamaged self. Eventually, everything brings her back to the point where those closed doors of her childhood open up wide once more.