Topkapi Films

Frans van Gestel, Arnold Heslenfeld, Laurette Schillings, Idse Grotenhuis & Robert Oey
Kloveniersburgwal 131-III | 1011 KD Amsterdam
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Topkapi develops and (co)produces feature films, television drama and nonfiction productions for the Dutch and international market. It strives to build long-term relationships with writers and directors. Topkapi Films is run by Frans van Gestel, Arnold Heslenfeld and Laurette Schillings. Idse Grotenhuis is responsible for Topkapi Series and Robert Oey leads Topkapi Nonfiction. Titles successfully (co)produced include Layla M., A Noble Intention, Land and Shade, The Commune, Land and Belgica.


Tailgating (working title)
Director: Lodewijk Crijns. Screenwriter: Lodewijk Crijns. Status: in development/financing. Sort: feature-length film. Genre: drama/thriller.

Hans, a man of middle class with a little too much ego, confronts another road-user with his driving in a somewhat aggressive way. What Hans fails to notice, is that he picked a fight with the wrong guy, and has now turned the situation into an unforeseen nightmare.

Locus of Control
Director: Halina Reijn. Screenwriter: Halina Reijn, Esther Gerritsen. Cast: Carice van Houten, Marwan Kenzari. Status: in development. Sort: feature-length film. Genre: drama/thriller.

Aim at market: International sales.

Emma, an experienced psychiatrist working in a penal institution, starts an affair with client Marco; a psychopatic serial rapist. It is a dangerous game about power and sex, but Emma starts losing control completely when she confuses this with love.