Maarten van der Ven
Wouwermanstraat 26 | 2023 XG Haarlem
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VENFILM wants to work with passionate visual authors, who are eager to tell stories that intend to make a difference for the audience they where created for. It has produced several award winning shorts and docs, and a succesfull feature film, Waterboys by Robert Jan Westdijk. Owner Maarten van der Ven has line produced for renowned Dutch companies and took part in the Creative Producers Lab at the Binger Filmlab and the Berlinale Talent Campus.


Director: Aaron Rookus. Writer: Lineke van den Boezem, Aaron Rookus. Status: in development. Duration: 90 min. Sort: feature-length film debut. Genre: drama.

Emma is a very successful middle aged opera singer. At a crossroad in her life: in the midst of promise and regret, halt and change. Between imaginative visions referring to her past and encounters in here and now, Emma learns to accept that transience is inevitable.

Director & Screenwriter: Dwight Fagbamila. Status: in development. Duration: 80 min. Sort: feature-length film debut. Genre: drama.

The adolescent Omar still feels responsable for the death of his Nigerian father, 15 years ago. Returning to his hometown after a failed study, he sees himself confronted with his pregnant ex Tess. But can Omar deal with new life when he is still burdened with the guilt of death?

Ibinu is the debut of writer/director Dwight Fagbamila.