Viking Film

Marleen Slot
Lindengracht 17 | 1015 KB Amsterdam
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Viking Film is the Amsterdam based film production company founded in 2011 by Marleen Slot. International in scope, Viking Film wants to make high-quality films for both Dutch and international audiences with a special focus on arthouse, children films and animation films. Marleen worked as a producer at Lemming Film for many years. She is part of EAVE and member of the board of ACE. Marleen is chairman of Film Producers Netherlands.


Director: Sacha Polak. Screenwriter: Helena van der Meulen. Cast: Wende Snijders, Sacha Alexander Gersak, Barry Atsma & Martijn Lakemeier. Co-producers: A Private View (Belgium) & Rohfilm (Germany).Status: international premiere at Berlinale Forum 2015. CICAE Art Cinema Award Berlinale 2015. Duration: 89 minutes. Financiers: Netherlands Filmfund, CoBO, NTR, MDM, ZDF/ARTE, VAF, Belgium Taxshelter, Casa Kafka. Sales: Beta Cinema.

In a desperate attempt to leave the past behind, Nina is wandering along Europe’s motorways. She meets a German lorry driver, and joins him on his journeys. Nina doesn’t reveal much about who she is. Slowly it becomes clear that she is suffering from the pain of an ultimate betrayal.

Director: Ties Schenk. Screenwriter: Roosmarijn Roos Rosa de Carvalho. Cast: Sam Louwyck, Olivia Lonsdale, Teun Stokkel & Maria Gatell. Co-producer: A Private View. Released: 2017. Financiers: Netherlands Film Fund, VAF, Eurimages, Netherlands Production Incentive, Belgian Taxshelter, Creative Europe, Cineart.

The family of hypochondriac Monk (13) is about to collapse, nevertheless the family travels to Spain together to say goodbye to a dying relative. En route, each of them tries to survive both the trip and their own personal crisis. As they go along, they recognize the reality that the family has to cope with is even stronger than all their individual anxieties. They realize that there is no place on earth where they would rather be than in this family.