Volya Films

Denis Vaslin & Fleur Knopperts
Graaf Florisstraat 110 A | 3021 CM Rotterdam
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Volya Films produces author films, fiction and documentary, mainly in the form of international co-productions. Recent films include Centaur (Aktan Arym Kubat; Berlinale 2017 - CICAE Award), Waiting for Giraffes (Marco de Stefanis; IDFA 2016), The Grown-Ups (Maite Alberdi; IDFA 2016), Problemski Hotel (Manu Riche; IFFR 2016) Big Father, Small Father & Other Stories (Di Phan Dang; world premiere Berlinale Official Competition 2015), Kurai Kurai - Tales on the Wind (Marjoleine Boonstra; Competition Dutch Film Festival 2014).


Director & Screenwriter: Aktan Arym Kubat. Cast: Aktan Arym Kubat (Centaur), Nuraly Tursunkojoev (Nurberdi), Zarema Asanalieva (Maripa), Taalaikan Abazova (Sharapat), Ilim Kalmuratov (Sadyr), Bolot Tentimyshov (Karabay), Maksat Mamyrkanov (Teit). Country: KI/FR/DE/NL. Co-producer: ASAP Films (FR), Pallas Film (DE), OY art (KI). Status: release. Release: 2018. Sort: feature-length film. Duration: 89 min. Genre: drama. Distribution/Sales: MOOOV Film Distribution The Netherlands.

In the slummy suburbs of Kyrgyzstan’s capital, lives a fifty-year-old man named Centaur, a simple man, who lives with his wife and son. He used to steal horses for a living, but now, his life is quite peaceful. One day, a certain Sadyr shows up at Centaur’s home, and challenges him to steal a famous horse from a very famous man. Suddenly, Centaur becomes the center of attention of all the inhabitants of this slum: in the mosque, people say that Centaur – who has never been very religious – is preparing himself for the Hadj…

Director: Sander Burger. Screenwriter: Bastiaan Tichler. Status: development. Genre: cross-over family movie. Financers: Netherlands Film Fund, Creative Europe.

Ten-year-old Ama, the daughter of two illegal immigrants, sees her four-year-old brother taken away from school by the police. In a panic, she tries to warn her parents, only to find out that they have already been arrested and will be deported. On the run from the police, alone at night on the streets of Rotterdam, Ama has to take care of herself and find her way back to her family – when suddenly her totem animal appears.