Hanneke Niens, Hans de Wolf
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Founders and producers Hanneke Niens and Hans de Wolf, nominated for an Oscar, winner of a Crystal Bear and 3 times the Prix Europe, develop and (co-)produce feature films, documentaries and drama series. They have built an extensive international network of co-producers, funds and financiers. Vital to their approach is the close collaboration with writers and directors to develop intelligent, character-driven audience favourites (Soof and Soof 2 €14 million box office The Netherlands, Ventoux) and accessible art-house films (Nena - Berlinale Special Mention Jury Award 2015, The Idol – Toronto International Film Festival 2016, The Reports on Sarah and Saleem - Tiger Competition, HBF Jury Award International Film Festival Rotterdam 2018).


Lost Transport
Director & Screenwriter: Saskia Diesing. Cast: tba. Country: NL/LU/DE. Co-producer: Amour Fou (LU). Status: financing. Release: 2021. Sort: feature-length film. Duration: 100 min. Genre: post-war drama. Distribution/Sales: Picture Tree International.

By the end of WWII, the seventeen year old German girl Winnie loses her mother when her village is occupied by the batallion of the young Russian sniper Vera. When a train with ex-prisoners of the concentration camp Bergen Belsen is stranded close to the village, the diseased and weakened people are accommodated in the village. Among them a Dutch Jewish woman named Simone, and her ill husband Isaac. In this context of deep distrust, despair and revenge the three women unexpectedly develop a friendship against all odds and their own recent experiences. Based on true events, Lost Transport delivers powerful and unique female vision of humanity and forgiveness as well as a portrait of a generation of young women and their will, strength and desire for a future.

So What Is Love
Director: Aniëlle Webster. Screenwriter: Dorien Goertzen. Cast: Elise Schaap, Maarten Heijmans, Teun Luijkx. Country: NL. Co-producer: BNNVARA (NL). Status: completed. Release: 17 October 2019. Sort: feature-length film. Duration: 103 min. Genre: Comedy. Distribution/Sales: Independent Films.

Do you belief in Love, when Divorce is your line of work?

Big shot lawyer Gijs, who makes big money for his law firm from lucrative toxic divorces, is well on his way to become a partner. His credo: All is fair in love and war. But his idealistic co-worker Cato takes a very different perspective. Love is a verb, and when love fades, it is a lawyer’s job to make sure people separate peacefully from their failed relationships. When it turns out that Cato is also in the race for the coveted position of partner in the company, they are both forced to re-examine their beliefs on love, marriage and growing their careers.

Credit: still fotograaf Martijn van Gelder