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We are New Amsterdam and we are storybuilders: a passionate group of thinkers, creators, producers and makers. We help to find true stories and bring them to the right audience in a truly great way. We love to collaborate with talented people, creative companies and strong brands. We make great work.


The East
Director: Jim Taihuttu. Screenwriter: Jim Taihuttu, Mustafa Duygulu. Cast: Martijn Lakemeier, Marwan Kenzari. Country: NL/BE/ID. Co-producers: Wrong Men (BE), Salto Films (ID). Status: in production. Release: 2020. Sort: feature-length film. Duration: tba. Genre: epic war film. Distribution: Splendid Film (Benelux). Sales: XYZ (world).

During the Indonesian War of Independence in 1946, Johan (Martijn Lakemeier), a young Dutch soldier, like a hundred thousand others, is sent overseas to restore order in the Dutch-Indies. Gradually, Johan falls under the spell of Westerling (Marwan Kenzari), a charismatic army captain. When the war escalates and Westerling’s handling of the people’s resistance becomes more and more brutal, the line between good and evil blurs for Johan.

Director: Jenneke Boeijink. Screenwriter: Jenneke Boeijink, Thibaut Delpeut. Cast: Tom Vermeir, Laura de Boer, Johan Heldenbergh, Gene Bervoets. Country: NL/BE/IT. Co-producers: Wrong Men (BE), Verdeoro (IT). Status: post-production. Release: 2019. Sort: feature-length film. Duration: 90 min. Genre: dark fairytale about our time. Distribution/Sales: all rights available.

Paul is a ruthless businessman who leaves nothing to chance. After making a fortune by tearing apart vulnerable businesses, he has created an artificial ecosystem of material wealth for his son and wife. Anna is a leading expert in porcelain restoration in the serene world of universities and laboratories. When eight year-old Thomas becomes ill, without explanation and seemingly without a cure, the first cracks appear in their perfect lives. With all his might Paul tries to keep control, while the world he has created slowly shatters into pieces.