The Rogues

Rianne Poodt, Guusje van Deuren & Harmen Kreulen
Prinsengracht 439A | 1016 HM Amsterdam
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The Rogues, led by Guusje van Deuren, Rianne Poodt and Harmen Kreulen produce fiction and documentary film, theater-productions and podcasts. The company name was inspired by the tale of Robin Hood and refers to our mission to work in close collaborations with an ever evolving, inspiring band of free spirits who aim to challenge and touch the world around them. Our first feature de Libi | About that life by Shady El-Hamus premieres June 2019.


De Libi | About that life
Director: Shady El-Hamus. Screenwriter: Jeroen Scholten van Aschat. Cast: Bilal El Mehdi Wahib, Daniël Kolf, Oussama Ahammoud. Country: NL. Status: post-production. Release: june 2019. Sort: feature-length film. Duration: 98 min. Genre: comedy drama, coming of age. Distribution/Sales: Gusto film.

Bilal (17), Gregg (17) and Kev (17) can’t wait for ‘real life’ to finally begin. While the tree boys are all driven by a lust for life, they couldn't be more different. Bilal is a force of nature with heaps of self-confidence and no regard for rules. Gregg is Bilals calm counterpart. Kevin is struggling to be more self-confident. In De Libi | About that life Bilal, Gregg and Kev are driven apart by the looming end of high school life, only to ultimately learn their friendship doesn't depend on their chosen paths.

I don't wanna dance
Director: Flynn von Kleist. Screenwriter: Jeroen Scholten van Aschat. Cast: Romana Vrede. Country: NL. Status: in production Sort: feature-length film. Duration: 100 min. Genre: coming of age drama. Distribution/Sales: tba.

I Don't Wanna Dance is a coming-of-age story about Joey, a 14year-old boy who needs to decide whether to pull out of the destructive dance with his mother, or stay with her at the cost of his own happiness.